Voici une sélection des commentaires et témoignages des individus qui ont déjà utilisé mes services.

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Gwenda P:

All I can say is Wow!!!!

I was in Chamonix France for a vacation. By pure happenstance I came across this wonderful gift.

I was only going to be able to stay less than 24 hours more in Chamonix and Roger not only bent over backwards to see me, his small moment with me forever changed my life.

He told me from the start he didn’t want to know what my symptoms were, that it didn’t matter. So I didn’t mention to him that my back was in excruciating pain when I walked in. After a quarter of the way through the session, my back stopped hurting. I have suffered from chronic back pain for the last 20 years. It has been something I have just learned to manage. Then when he was able to pinpoint the month and year that I had tremendous trauma in my past just flabbergasted me. I never believed in the power of black magic, until he pinpointed 3 different moments in my past by month and year, when three different people had actually said to me they were sending their Santeria worship at me and I would have pain in my life. Then when his face changed and he told me that someone really hated me and they were focusing all their hate toward me and it was draining me. I asked him how long. He said it didn’t matter. That is when I knew it was my sister. When he said he was going to remove it I became over run with emotion. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. it was as if my sister could feel her pull was about to be eliminated. When he released me from her hate, I felt so light. I have always on a daily basis suffered from severe depression. I had daily constant thoughts of suicide. I had joy but it was always with an underlying feeling of great sadness. Now it is gone. He released four spirits that had attached themselves to me, and released me from the hate my sister has been sending me. He also found I was low on vitamin b12. Crazy because I can never seem to get enough of it. My body craves it.

Since my return back home from my vacation everyone who has interacted with me has said my eyes have such clarity and I seem not only much lighter, and that I am walking on air. They have all grabbed me and hugged me. They said they could see that the joy I have is something I always deserved.

Roger has changed my life. I wake up with joy in my soul. My back doesn’t hurt anymore. I find life is as beautiful and wonderful as people have said it was. The gloom and sadness I have held with me is gone. After 48.5 years of sadness I finally feel joy and forgiveness and hope again. I can’t thank you enough Roger. I only wish everyone could have the same opportunity I had to be cleansed and healed.

Thank you!

Karliin B:

I had been experiencing emotional “stuckness” in my life, and my very first session with Roger elucidated the genesis of it. I had been totally and completely oblivious to this spiritual blockage. The session showed me the importance of intangible vibrations and how they impact the tangible physical body. Once the blockage was removed I felt an instantaneous shift, letting go of decades of physical and emotional stress. Needless to say it was a life changing experience and one of mega impact. And that was just the app! Can’t wait for the main course!

Jean Yves:

Après une prise de conscience personnelle d’un évênement traumatique autant violent qu’enfoui, j’ai fait appel à Roger

En effet, il m’était quasi impossible d’y remédier seul et je ne pouvais faire appel qu’à un soignant en qui j’avais la plus haute confiance et dont je connaissais le sérieux, la qualité de ses interventions.

Comment décrire cette vibration guérissante venant d’un autre monde , celui dont Roger semble être le gardien ? Très vite, j’ai ressenti comme une délivrance indicible, comme si Roger avait eu accès à un niveau supérieur de mon être, sans filtre, sans fioritures. Et mon intérieur, mon monde psychique a été guéri comme par magie. Encore merci du fond du coeur.


“My session was very effective. I had a low energy level to start with, and immediately felt an influx of energy and clearing as the session went on. Part of the work was about releasing intestinal toxins, and I was given a reading as to why my body was collecting these toxins so I could eliminate the cause and not just the symptoms. (The cause was my disgust for the changes happening to my body with age.) The healing continued to work for a couple of days as I accepted my body and released the toxins. The shift in me was immediate and powerful!”


“Effectivement, il y a un avant et un après. Je ne ressens plus cette présence négative qui me tirait vers le bas et m’empêchait de dormir. J’étais tout le temps épuisée et me sentais rarement en sécurité. Aujourd’hui, je suis beaucoup plus légère, plus sereine et beaucoup plus dynamique. Mille mercis Roger, je suis à nouveau moi-même. Ma fille te remercie aussi d’avoir retrouvé sa maman.

Je conseille à tous cette expérience qui changera vos vies.”


“Une très belle expérience.

J’ai fait appel à Roger pour qu’il m’aide a me libérer de blocages émotionnels.

La séance a été très fructueuse et j’en suis sortie transformée. Roger a su m’aider à retrouver ma force et ma confiance. Aujourd’hui je sens une réelle différence, bien sûr, très positive et surtout très profonde.

Je recommande vraiment à chacun de faire cette expérience hors du commun.

Merci encore”

Cécilia B:

“Une expertise géobiologique dans ma maison qui m’a permis de prendre conscience des pollutions géopathogènes qui mettaient en danger ma santé et celle de mes proches. Après son passage,je me suis tout naturellement tournée aussi vers Roger pour des soins bioénergétiques. Un soin complet qui nous a permis d’améliorer considérablement notre bien-être et notre santé.”

Corinne B:

“Oui je dors mieux depuis le changement. je n’ai pas eu de reveil en pleine nuit. Le matin je me sens en bien meilleure forme et je n’ai plus de difficultés à me lever. Merci.

Carole L:

“Il y a pour moi un avant et un après Roger Lambert : son intervention m’a permis de retrouver la vie. et il a su me redonner confiance en moi en me faisant participer au soin qu’il avait opéré sur moi. Merci à ton accompagnement et ton soutien durant ce “passage”. Immense gratitude.”


“Ma maison est libérée depuis le passage de Roger, une intervention qui a retiré ce qui n’avait pas sa place. Bien sur, je me sens beaucoup mieux dans mon lieu de vie désormais. Gratitude immense pour ces partages. Merci!”